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N.Korea's Kim, Putin to hold first talks in Rus...

N.Korea's Kim, Putin to hold first talks in Russia's Far East

News - News - 23-04-2019 06:00

Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin will meet in Russia's Far East on Thursday, the Kremlin said, as the North Korean leader looks to rebuild ties with an old ally amid a standoff with the United States. Kremlin foreign policy aide Yuri Ushakov said the meeting -- the first between the two men -- would take place in the Pacific coast city of Vladivostok, before Putin heads to Beijing for another summit. "The focus will be on a political and diplomatic solution to the nuclear problem on the Korean Peninsula," Ushakov told a briefing on Tuesday.

Ex-USC coach, parent to plead guilty in college bri...

Ex-USC coach, parent to plead guilty in college bribery scam

News - News - 23-04-2019 05:20

BOSTON (AP) — A former University of Southern California soccer coach and a California insurance executive became the latest people to agree to plead guilty in a college admissions cheating scandal that has netted prominent parents and Hollywood stars, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.

Houston high school's new dress code takes aim ...

Houston high school's new dress code takes aim at parents

News - News - 23-04-2019 05:18

HOUSTON (AP) — A Houston high school principal has implemented a dress code for parents because she says it is necessary to establish high standards for students, despite criticism that the move could be discriminatory.

Delphi murders: Here's what we know about unso...

Delphi murders: Here's what we know about unsolved killings of two teen girls in Indiana

News - News - 23-04-2019 05:16

It's been more than two years since the Delphi murders. Here's what we know now about the unsolved killings of Abigail Williams and Liberty Germany.

Clinton: Trump Would Have Been Indicted If He Weren...

Clinton: Trump Would Have Been Indicted If He Weren’t President

News - News - 23-04-2019 05:04

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that President Trump would have been indicted over the actions described in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report had he not been a sitting president."I think there’s enough there that any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted," Clinton said during her remarks at the Time 100 Summit. "The whole matter of obstruction was very directly sent to the Congress. And if you read that part of the report, it could not be clearer."Mueller concluded in the report that Trump and his associates had not engaged in collusion with Russia but declined to weigh in on whether a number of Trump's actions during the investigation -- including his decision to fire FBI director James Comey and his attempts to have Mueller fired -- constituted obstruction of justice. The report instead left that determination up to Congress."With respect to whether the President can be found to have obstructed justice by exercising his powers under Article II of the Constitution, we concluded that Congress has the authority to prohibit a President’s corrupt use of his authority in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice," the report read.The details of the report have split Democrats on the question of impeachment. Party leaders in the House have continued to insist that no impeachment proceedings are forthcoming, while several 2020 presidential candidates, including Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, have called for such proceedings to be initiated since the redacted version of the report was released last week.In her remarks Tuesday, Clinton echoed House speaker Nancy Pelosi's view of the matter, saying impeachment should "be something undertaken in a really serious, diligent way, based on evidence," and adding that Pelosi is "right to be cautious" about it.

Hillary Clinton: Mueller report is beginning, not t...

Hillary Clinton: Mueller report is beginning, not the end

News - News - 23-04-2019 04:51

Special counsel Robert Mueller's report is only the beginning of a reckoning on election meddling, not the end, and "raises some serious questions," Hillary Clinton said Tuesday. The former Democratic presidential candidate stopped short of calling for immediate impeachment proceedings, however, and said Congress should instead conduct a serious analysis of whether President Donald Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors. If elected officials believe that he did, "then I think it is the obligation of Congress to put forward the articles of impeachment," Clinton said at an appearance in New York City for the Time 100 Summit, where she called for the full, unredacted report to be released.

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