About Us

Who are We?


COMMUNITY ADVERTISER is a Nashville Metro Area  web development firm out of Ashland City that offers award-winning website design services and powerful online marketing.

Our website development expertise spans many industries and client profiles, including:

  • Residential and commercial real estate agents and brokers
  • Architects, builders, developers and remodeling companies
  • Attorneys, CPAs, and insurance organizations
  • Health care providers and medical treatment facilities
  • Government entities and non-profit organizations
  • ...and many more!

Founded in 1996, we strive to create long-lasting relationships with clients who are knowledgeable, articulate and passionate about the organization they represent. COMMUNITY ADVERTISER helps clients use new technologies to enhance their company's profile, grow their sales pipeline, and continuously market their products and services to new and existing customers via the Internet. We achieve client objectives by staying on top of emerging technologies and monitoring trends that drive the web, then applying the science of the Internet to create great looking, user-friendly web pages that shine a spotlight on the strengths of client organizations.

From a one page starter website to designing complex, customized online media management solutions, COMMUNITY ADVERTISER has helped companies of all sizes and use cases earn more business through their web presence.

In short, our goal is to make every client's website a success story.

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